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Commercial Complete Videos
Instant (Almost) Narratives
Video Presentation - length 5:00 minutes
Real Estate Research in the Internet Age
Video Presentation - length 11:00 minutes
Commercial Complete Real Estate Database Overview
Video Presentation - length 6:00 minutes
Scanning Property Information from Your Office Folders into the Real Estate Database
Video Presentation - length 5 minutes
Find a Record / Apply Filter Conditions in the Real Estate Database
Video Presentation - length 4:30 minutes
Word Processing Overview
Video Presentation - length 8:14 minutes

Full Word Processing Capabilities - Narrative Appraisals, Narrative Sections, and more

Powerful Real Estate Database that you will use every day

Sophisticated Income Analysis - Any Income Property

Sales Comparison Analysis with Multiple Grid Types - your adjustments or ours

Cost Analysis handles multiple buildings on the same property

Help is Just a Few Clicks Away
Usually the most time consuming aspect of support for our clients and for us is communicating. If we can see your computer screen, communicating is easy. Please click the Show My PC button or TeamViewer button below.


Why Connect to Your Computer Screen?
With Commercial Complete running, you can easily point out where assistance is required and we can easily show you how to accomplish your task. It is that simple!

What Happens When You Click the Show My PC Button?
We will connect to your computer using a secure, encrypted SSH connection.

A small file must first be downloaded to your computer. When you click the Show My PC button, a window similar to the one below will be displayed on your computer screen. Click the Run button when this window is displayed. Please note that some browsers, Firefox for example, will not display a Run button. For these browsers, save the file and then run it from the location on your computer where it was saved.

When this file is run, a window similar to the one shown below will be displayed. It is a security warning alert. Click the Run button.

Next a small window will appear briefly on your screen.

Finally, the window below will be displayed. Depending upon your version of Windows, your firewall settings and the anti-virus program that you are using, other screens may appear. Respond affirmatively until the following window is displayed. Note the password that is shown on the right. We will ask you for this password. It is needed in order to connect to your computer.

This window must remain open in order for us to view your computer screen. When you close this window, your computer will no longer be connected and no one can view your computer screen.

Commercial Complete is the REAL DEAL. It really will change the way that you work!

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